Colored Drawings with Standards

AGHA Standard of Perfection

AGHA Color Descriptions

AGHA Large Standard 2019

AGHA Front Single

AGHA Top Single

American Giant Homer Official Standard-Side

AGHA Almond

AGHA Black

AGHA Black Splash

AGHA Blue Bar Faded

AGHA Blue Bar

AGHA Blue Barless

AGHA Blue Check

AGHA Blue Grizzle

AGHA Light Blue Check

AGHA Brown Check

AGHA Indigo Bar

AGHA Indigo Check

AGHA Opal Light-Check

AGHA Rec-Red

AGHA Rec-Yellow

AGHA Reduced-Check

AGHA Silver Check

AGHA Tiger Grizzle Randomized

AGHA White

AGHA Yellow Check

AGHA Andalusion

AGHA Ash Red Bar

AGHA Ash Red Check

AGHA Black Mismark

AGHA Red Tiger Grizzle


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