About Us

The American Giant Homer Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the development and showing of the American Giant Homer pigeon.
The AHGA offers it's members an excellent periodical called the Bulletin that is distributed four times a year. The format invites the involvement of our members to voice themselves on proposals and issues concerning the continuous advancement of the Association and to share their experiences thru articles on the breeding and showing of the American Giant homer. Issues also inform members of upcoming shows, show reports and specific breeders wants and needs with classified ads. This all adds up to a
learning and sharing experience that is very rewarding.
The AGHA also offers it's members official AGHA club bands thru our Band Pool program. Members are invited to bid on band number series they would like, or, if they choose, they can simply order bands with no series preference. They are sold in multiples of 25 and when sales are completed, the Band Pool Director then distributes a percentage of the sales money back to the Districts for cash paybacks on young birds wearing the club bands at the District Shows. Each member's birds become informally
registered within the Association as a list of which breeders received each series and is printed in our Bulletin annually.
Besides the District Shows, of which the Association is broken down into four Districts, we also have our National Young Bird Show meet in Louisville, Kentucky each October, a Young Bird Futurity each December, and an Annual Young and Old
Bird show held each Winter. Entries are generally in the hundreds at each of these shows and the competition is very keen.
If the American Giant Homer has caught your fancy and if our Association sounds appealing to you, we would very much like you to consider joining the AGHA today. We welcome your membership with enthusiasm.